Be a part of Canada’s next success

Film is an integral part of Canada’s cultural fabric. Our films have been celebrated the world over, winning countless awards at the Cannes Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, and even the Oscars. Despite these great achievements, financial resources in Canada remain limited.

As such, as part of its commitment to find and develop new sources of financing, Telefilm Canada established the Talent Fund – a private donation fund that supports Canada’s next generation of filmmakers. A donation to the Talent Fund finances the production, distribution, and marketing of emerging Canadian filmmakers.

"One of the reasons that Canada is a great country lies in government and private institutional support for the creative arts. Through this latest initiative which establishes unprecedented unity between public and private resources, Telefilm Canada’s Talent Fund will be a world leader in developing and sustaining gifted filmmakers who will go on to broaden the impact of Canadian artists."


Make arts and culture one of your philanthropic priorities and join us in supporting Canadian talent today.