Invest in canada’s emerging film talent

About the Fund

The Talent Fund is dedicated to the discovery and development of emerging filmmakers

The Talent Fund aims to raise $25 million over 5 years through the financial support of private companies, as well as the generosity of individual donors interested in supporting Canadian talent.

Invest in emerging talent

A donation to the Talent Fund is your opportunity to play a valuable role in their future accomplishments and to proudly say, “I support Canadian film and its important place in our culture.”
Your contribution will help:

  • fund first features by exceptionally talented filmmakers trained at film schools across Canada through Telefilm Canada’s Micro-Budget Production Program
  • foster more ambitious distribution and promotion of their releases, so that that they will enjoy more international success

Investments with a direct impact

Corporate donations have a direct impact on Canada’s audiovisual industry. Since its inception in 2012, the Talent Fund has already raised $15 million in corporate donations.

This has resulted in 73 feature films and web-based projects and, in turn, these productions have won more than 77 awards the world over.

This has resulted in 55 first feature films and, in turn, these productions have won over 50 awards won the world over.

Make arts and culture one of your corporate philanthropic priorities

Be a part of this unique initiative and help support emerging talented Canadian directors and their productions.

This new Fund is managed by Telefilm Canada, a cultural agency established in 1967. It’s experience and track record ensures the highest standards of performance and governance ― with administrative expenses of less than 5%, lower than most charitable organizations.

Contributions are considered to be “gifts to Canada” for tax purposes. Corporate donors receive tax deductions and individual donors receive tax credits.

“Today, I am more confident and capable and now have real world credentials to leverage opportunities moving forward.”
- KIRSTEN CARTHEW (director)