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The Talent  Fund is a unique initiative, funded by private donations that will help support Canadian film production and talent. This new fund managed by Telefilm Canada, has been in effect since 2013 and ensures the highest standards of performance and governance.

Contributions are considered to be “gifts to Canada” for tax purposes. Corporate donors receive tax deductions for making gifts to Canada; individual donors receive tax credits.

Companies or individuals interested in becoming investors should contact Telefilm for further information You can also consult the About The Fund page.

Contact for investors

Jean-Claude Mahé
Director, Public Affairs and Government Affairs

For filmmakers

This private donation fund consists of two streams:

  • One stream will provide better support to promising young filmmakers
  • The other is aimed at established filmmakers, seeking to help them achieve their full potential both in Canada and abroad

For more information, please consult our Fund Facts Page.