How to Donate

How to donate

A private donation fund designed just for you

The Talent Fund’s objective is to raise $25 million in five years through corporate donations, and the generosity of individual Canadians wishing to support the arts and culture.

Join the Producers Club

Support the Talent Fund with a contribution of $500 or more and become a member of the Producers Club.

As a member, you’ll get exclusive invitations to red carpet events in your area, up-to-date information on Canadian filmmakers and films, and the chance to truly help foster the development of Canadian film’s emerging talent.

As a recognized charitable organization, members of the Producer’s Club will receive a tax credit for their donation.


“Thank you to the Talent Fund for letting me follow my dream. I’m having the time of my life making films. I honestly couldn’t be doing it without your support and I’m forever grateful.”
-- AMY JO JOHNSON (director)

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